Family Dentistry

At Stephen P Greiwe, DDS in Tacoma, WA, we have a gentle touch when performing any procedure. From routine cleanings to more complex dental work, we maintain a calm and easy going attitude to make you and your family feel comfortable. We guarantee gentle dental care in a family atmosphere. We have been treating patients since 1981.
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About Stephen P Greiwe, DDS

We do our best to be friendly, kind and gentle with every patient, especially younger ones. Whether you’re coming in for extractions, fillings, initial exams, pediatric care, whitening, sealants or more, we promise a light touch. We’ll be happy to explain any procedure to you.

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We accept most dental insurance and D.S.H.S. We’ve been practicing since 1980, and you can get the benefit of our many years of expertise. While we stay up-to-date with new procedures and technology, we maintain our old-fashioned gentle ways. Contact us at any time to set up an appointment.